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A luxury villa on the south west coast of Sardinia. Discover this unique and secluded Mediterranean hideaway with stunning views over Sardinia’s most beautiful undiscovered beaches and surrounding mountains.

The warmer weather usually begins in April by which time the temperatures will have risen into the teens and the sun moves higher in the sky. The rainfall begins to trail off and by the end of May the rain has pretty much disappeared and the temperatures are in the 20’s.

For the rest of the summer the temperatures remain in the high twenties and thirties and there is barely a single drop of rain.

In September the temperatures remain well into the twenties and the sea is as warm as it will get until the first storms sometime in late October. October usually remains in the twenties and as long as the sea is warm, is a golden month.

Winter arrives in November and brings all manner of wind, rain and storms but is nonetheless still very beautiful.

Spring starts any time from February to March by which time the temperatures start to move back into the teens.
The swimming season lasts from May through November.